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The chemical symbol for glucose is C6H12O6. Glucose is a simple sugar substance called a monosaccharide, which is a carbohydrate that contains the elements carbon, hydrogen and oxygen. Another name for glucose is dextrose.


Fire's symbolic meaning varies in different cultures, but it is often linked to destruction and fear. Because of fire's seemingly magical qualities, it has captivated people for thousands of years.


Chemical symbols represent elements, while chemical formulas represent chemical compounds. Chemical symbols are also known as element symbols. Because compounds are formed by individual elements coming together, chemical formulas are composed of several chemical symbols.


The toxic symbol is a hazardous pictogram that serves as a warning against dangerous chemicals. Toxic symbols are often found on household cleaning products, as well as on antifreeze bottles and gasoline cans. The most common design for the toxic symbol is a skull and crossbones.


World religion, folk tales, and general culture have always attributed symbolic significance to certain animals. The symbolic meanings of many animals vary depending on location and culture.


Some common electrical symbols are a line, which denotes an electrical wire, two lines perpendicular to each other with a dot at the intersection, which signifies two connected wires, and two perpendicular lines without a dot, which means two wires that are not connected. These symbols represent ele


Common symbols found on phones include bars that show signal strength, letter and number identifiers that display network type, and Bluetooth logos that mean the device is ready to sync with external components. Symbols vary by operating system and phone type, and not all phones use the same set.


Tectonic hazards are geological results of plate shifting exhibited by volcanic eruption, glacial erosion, tsunamis and earthquakes. Earthquakes are the most commonly reported hazards because of the greater likelihood of larger populations along major fault lines than in glacial or oceanic regions.


Auto symbols are used on dashboards to warn drivers of potential problems such as overheating, malfunctioning brakes or even if someone hasn't fastened a seat belt. Items that need immediate attention are usually in red, while others are in yellow, green or blue.


Symbolically, the roots of the tree of life dig deep, the trunk provides a foundation, the branches spread out for subsistence and nourishment, the leaves absorb and collect energy, and the fruit gives itself for the joy of others. The breath of life from the Tree of Life represents the spiritual na