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The Hawaiian green sea turtle, also known as the honu, symbolizes good luck, endurance and long life. Green sea turtles are seen as navigators who can always find their way home. Because of the sacred status of turtles in ancient Hawaii, only members of the royal family were allowed to eat them.


Turtle Symbolism & Meaning - Turtle Spirit Animal is a symbol of finding inner wisdom Turtle spiritual meaning of vast journeys and trusting in the Divine path. Native American & Celtic Meanings along with Dream Symbolism of Turtle Symbolic Meaning of Turtle video


The Hawaiian green sea turtle is also known as ‘Honu’ and symbol of good luck, patience and long life. Hawaiian turtles have ability to travel thousand miles and capable of laying hundred eggs at one time. Symbols And Meanings of Hawaiian Turtle Tattoos. 1. Strength 2. Good Luck 3. Patience 4. Guidance. Here are some hawaiian turtle tattoos ...


What does a tribal turtle tattoo in hawaiian mean? Turtles symbolize longevity as they live for a very long time. Therefore, Polynesians included the turtle in their tattoo culture.


There are some Hawaiian legends, which claim that turtles were the first to guide the Polynesians to the Hawaiian islands, making the green sea turtle a symbol of the navigator that is able to find its way home time and time again—just as in real life. Amazingly, the honu will swim hundreds of miles to its own birthing place to lay eggs.


The sea turtle is the only indigenous reptile of Hawaii and has become a significant symbol of the islands. The word for land in the Hawaiian language is 'aina honua. Native Hawaiian’s deep love and respect for the Honu is revealed in their mythology, petroglyphs, and artwork.


In Hawaiian Culture. According to Hawaiian legends, the sea turtle called, “Honu”, guided the first Polynesians when they came to these islands. Other myths recall the protective nature of the sea turtle, “Kailua” that often turned into a woman to safeguard children playing on the beach.


The Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle is the only indigenous reptile found in Hawaii, but for Hawaiians, the Honu is a symbol of good luck in the form of a guardian spirit, or Amakua. The Honu pattern is depicted in ancient petroglyphs as well as in modern graphic form.


It is said the great turtle Kailua would turn into a human female and appear to protect children playing on the beach from danger. Hawaiian turtle tattoos remain a popular design today. Symbolic Meanings. The characteristics of the turtle are deeply intertwined with its symbolism: Long lived, they are seen as symbols of immortality.


According to different legends and beliefs turtles are filled with various meanings which give a wide area for a tattoo artist to create unique tattoo piece. Sea Turtle Tattoo Meanings and Symbolism. Those who want a turtle ink should be aware of all the symbolic significances to be sure while choosing the design.