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The Iberostar Parque Central, Hotel Saratoga and the Hotel Terral are some of the best hotels in Havana, Cuba. These are three of the top 10 hotels in Havana, Cuba, as of 2016, according to TripAdvisor.com. Each hotel has a business center with Internet access.


Although everyone's idea of what is affordable is different, several online retailers offer a wide range of vintage-inspired clothing, including Pinup Girl Clothing, ModCloth, Ruche and Unique Vintage. If one has the time and energy, unique vintage items may still be found in thrift and consignment


Find real estate in Havana, Cuba, by checking property listing sites such as the Cubahomesdirect.com and Havana-houses.com. Filter listed properties and preview details of listed properties on both sites to make an informed purchase or rental decision.


There are several 5-star hotels in Havana, Cuba, including the Saratoga Hotel in Old Havana, the Hotel Nacional de Cuba and the Melia Habana. The Saratoga Hotel Havana, located in a 19th-century building, provides guests with all amenities and has a rooftop pool and terrace.


A car is considered vintage if it was manufactured between 1916 and 1924, according to About.com. However, others place the range between 1919 and 1930, claims Cars Direct.


Examples of vintage names for girls include Marjorie, Mabel, Rosie, Leona and Alma. Mercy, Hattie, Millie, Dorothy and Beatrice are more examples. For boys, examples of vintage names include Enoch, Harvey, Cassius, Clyde and Samson. Further examples include Theo, Gilbert, Thaddeus, Otto and Francis.


Some different types of vintage-style food containers include the metal compost bucket with vintage canning label and the Weck juice jar from World Market. Another vintage container from World Market is the stainless steel oil tin.


Vintage newspapers represent an array of old-time newspapers, some of which present famous past events. Front pages featuring the assassination of Lincoln, the end of the World War II or the sinking of the Titanic are examples of valuable vintage newspapers.


Vintage charms are antique, ornamental jewelry typically worn on a bracelet or necklace, that were made in past decades, such as the 1920s, 1940s or 1970s. Vintage charms are highly valued as wearable collectibles and are found at various online shops that sell vintage jewelry.


Vintage purses are purses or handbags dating from the mid-19th century to the 1970s, according to Collectors Weekly. Although some become brittle or fragile with age, many are considered collectible, and some can be carried with contemporary outfits.