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Hartz brand flea and tick products are harmful to pets. A friend posted an “article” and a picture of a sick looking dog on Facebook. The article claims that Hartz brand flea and tick products ...


One brand in particular, Hartz, has consistently been under fire for the rate at which its toxic products lead to animal deaths. A post circulating Facebook this past week told a chilling story of warning. “A coworker used this shampoo on his dogs (Shitzus) last night and both dogs were dead within an hour.


Hartz products are DANGEROUS. we specifically discussed that in class. They are known for making animals ill, and unfortunately–killing cats. Dogs can tolerate pesticides better than cats (even though it is dangerous for both). Harts flea and tick control products contain pesticides, Deadly for cats, dangerous for dogs.


Whether they are purchased from a vet’s office or over the counter, all flea and tick products contain active ingredients that require caution and care to use. Here are Hartz’s top four tips on ensuring safe usage with flea & tick products and your pet: 1) Read Directions – There are directions on all flea and tick medications for a ...


A product of a Secaucus, NJ based veterinary company, Hartz Flea & Tick Shampoo is a shampoo that is used on cats and dogs to treat flea and tick infestations. If left untreated, fleas and ticks can cause a host of problems to the dog or cat, such as flea allergy, tapeworm, dermatitis and flea anemia.


Hartz consistently monitors its products for safety and efficacy. Hartz offers pet owners assistance, 24 hours a day, from trained Veterinarians and Vet Technicians who are experts in flea and tick protection via 800 -275-1414. We are proud to state that although Hartz sells more treatments than any other brand of flea and tick protection, we ...


Hartz Groomer’s Best Soothing Oatmeal Dog Shampoo is just what your confident canine needs to look and feel their best. Specially formulated for dogs with itchy, irritated skin, this extra-gentle oatmeal solution provides a boost of hydration and moisture without being harsh or drying.


Hartz is a horrible product...You want a good shampoo that is not drying to your dog skin a non soap based shampoo and one that dose not have alcohol in it.. I had a Pom that all most died from that brand....I use Tropiclean products in my grooming salon...www.tropiclean.net..


Hartz Products Are Killing Our Pets. 6.3K likes. Hartz Pet flea and tick products are Killing are Lethal. They need to to be stopped .INFO FOR CONTACTS TO REPORT IS UNDER NOTES AT THE TOP OF THE...


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