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Everyone who goes outside is exposed to the sun. It is important to know the effects of sun exposure. The American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP) advises talking to children, teens, and young adults, who are 10 to 24 years of age, about the dangers of too much sun exposure. You should teach ...


However, you don’t need much time in the sun to reap the benefits. Dr. Bligard recommends only 15 minutes of sun exposure to provide all the Vitamin D you need. The Harmful Effects of the Sun Sun Damage to the Eyes. Long-term, unprotected exposure to ultraviolet light from the sun can damage the retina.


Harmful Effects of Sun Exposure. The main risk factor for sunburn, premature skin aging, skin damage, and skin cancer is exposure to UV light from the sun.More than 90 percent of skin cancers are caused by sun exposure.


Positive (beneficial) effects of UV. Triggers vitamin D – UV from the Sun is needed by our bodies to produce vitamin D. Vitamin D helps strengthen bones, muscles and the body’s immune system. It may also lower the risk of getting some kinds of cancers such as colon cancer. Helps some skin conditions – UV is used in the treatment of skin conditions such as psoriasis.


Harmful effects of early sun exposure in kids include damage to the eyes, heat exhaustion, heat stroke, sunburn, heat rashes and sometimes skin cancer. Sun is the ultimate source of life and well-being to man. Not only does it support the flora and the fauna but the entire existence of the world depends on the Sun.


Exposure to ultraviolet radiation from the sun is a source of vitamin D. One minimal erythemal dose of sunlight UV radiation provides the equivalent of about 20,000 IU of vitamin D2, taken as an oral supplement. [citation needed] If an adult's arms and legs are exposed to a half minimal erythemal UV radiation, it is the same as taking 3,000 IU of vitamin D3 through an oral supplement.


Sunlight has both positive and negative effects on the human body. For example, it is well known that sun exposure can cause burns to the skin and increase the risk of cancer over the long term ...


The research team, led by Han van der Rhee, reviewed both the positive and negative effects of sun exposure and concluded that both too much and too little sunlight may be harmful to our health. Overall health benefits of the sun


As we head to the beaches this summer, awareness about skin cancer and the harmful effects of sun exposure is of vital importance. The most common form of cancer in the United States is cancer of the skin.


Continued. Ultraviolet (UV) radiation from the sun is the number-one cause of skin cancer, but UV light from tanning beds is just as harmful. Exposure to sunlight during the winter months puts you ...