Hard rock maple furniture can withstand 1,450 pounds of force on the Janka hardness scale. This means it takes this much force to embed half of a small steel ball into the wood. More »

Wooden baseball bats are made from white ash, maple, bamboo or hickory. Though crafted from an extremely strong and hard wood, hickory bats have become less and less common due to their weight. More »

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The state tree of New York is the sugar maple, which is sometimes called the hard maple or rock maple. This tree was adopted as New York's official state tree in 1956. More »

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Styles of Tell City maple furniture include the Young Republic Group and the Hard Rock Maple. The Tell City Chair Factory was a furniture company founded in 1865 in Tell City, Indiana. It closed its doors in 2011, and it... More »

The hardest wood in the world is Australian Buloke, registering 5,060 pounds of force on the Janka hardness scale. Certain strands of the wood species are listed as endangered by the Australian government. It is often us... More »

Based on the Janka Rating System, which measures the hardness of wood, hickory is the hardest wood and can withstand 1,820 pounds of pressure. The softest hardwood is aspen, which can withstand a pressure of 350 pounds b... More »

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Quebracho is known to be the hardest wood and can withstand 4,570 pounds of force in the Janka hardness test. It is also one of the heaviest woods. Its name comes from the Spanish words "quebrar hacha," meaning axe break... More »