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To sanitize kids' hard plastic pools, empty them daily if they are small, and clean the interior of the pool with diluted chlorine bleach. In larger pools that aren't drained daily, add chlorine to the pool water to maintain its cleanliness. If feces, vomit or other con...


One of the best ways to buy water for a swimming pool is locating a bulk water delivery service. These companies deliver the water and pour it into the swimming pool. Some of them also provide chemical testing and other swimming pool services, though others are simply t...


Some fun things to do in a swimming pool include playing water-related games, such as relay races with sponges, and diving for sunken treasure using pennies or small toys. The addition of a water slide takes the common cannon bomb or belly flop water activities to the n...


To repair a concrete pool, expose the damaged area and apply pool patching material. The patch should remain damp until it has set. Most repairs can be completed in a few hours.


To drain a swimming pool, connect a pump and a hose to the pool and drain the water into a sanitary sewer system. Alternately, dechlorinate the water before draining it into a storm sewer.


Swimming pool brushes are hard-bristled brushes that are used to clean the surfaces of a pool. Pool owners can choose from a variety of brush types, including stainless steel brushes, corner brushes and nylon brushes.


The process to remove a swimming pool has several steps, including draining, punching holes in the bottom of the pool and then removing all of the material and backfilling it. The holes in the bottom may not be used in all pool removal methods, but help break up the con...