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Helpful, trusted answers from doctors: Dr. Eleczko on hard palate infection: It sounds like you may have an abcess. The fact that your tooth is discolored is consistent with this finding. The tooth may be non-vital ("dead"), and the pain and sponginess may be due to the abcess enlarging and the pus attempting to exit from under the tissues that cover the hard palate.


As the patient suspected, he did have a sinus infection. He left the office with a prescription for an antibiotic. He also left with a referral to an oral maxillofacial surgeon for further evaluation of the lesion. FIGURE 1 Lesion on the hard palate


Mucormycosis of the hard palate masquerading as carcinoma. ... Opportunistic fungal infections such as mucormycosis usually occur in immunocompromised patients but can infect healthy individuals as well. Mucormycosis is an acute opportunistic, uncommon, frequently fatal fungal infection, caused by a saprophytic fungus that belongs to the class ...


Sinus Infections and Hard palate . About Sinus Infections. 306,830 discussions. Sinusitis means your sinuses are inflamed. The cause can be an infection or another problem. Your sinuses are hollow air spaces within the bones surrounding the nose. They produce mucus, which drains into the nose. If your nose is swollen, this can block the sinuses ...


Hard palate is the place get infected, may be candidiasis or bacterial infection. Mycostatin cream + antibiotics will help. Mycostatin cream + antibiotics will help. Azithromycin 500 mg once in day X 3 days.


Hard palate pain is much less common than soft palate pain as the latter is more sensitive. If you feel alarmed that the roof of the mouth hurts, it is actually a pretty common condition. Usually the pain is accompanied by inflammation or sores on roof of the mouth.


How long will this take to heal? I was also wondering what happened to my hard palate during the root canal procedure which resulted to infection. Any ideas? I would be thankful for any responses. The palatal root of upper molars is right under the lateral surface of the palate. Pus coming from the palatal canal swell the hard palate.


Infection involving the oral cavity can be associated with significant morbidity. In addition, recent studies have suggested that some types of oral infection may potentially confound a number of systemic problems including cardiac disease, pregnancy, kidney disease, and diabetes.


How is cancer of the hard and soft palate different from other oral cancers? Learn more about palate cancer here, including the signs, symptoms, and risks. ... Palate Cancer: Signs, Symptoms and Risk Factors. ... (particularly when used together), infection with human papillomavirus (HPV), being older than 40, and a poor diet. ...


The delicate skin on the roof of your mouth takes a lot of daily wear and tear. Occasionally, the roof of your mouth, or the hard palate, may bother you or cause problems, such as swelling or ...