The outer layer of the bone is called the periosteum. This membrane layer of the bone is dense and made up of fibrous tissue. It also consists of nerves and blood vessels that provide blood flow to the bone. More »

Bone is made mostly of collagen and calcium. This combination works to make the bones strong and flexible at the same time, enabling them to be protective and rebound from stress fractures. More »

One of the three layers of a bone, compact bone tissue is the rigid, dense outer layer of bone that consists primarily of calcium and minerals. Also called cortical bone, compact bones are so hard that a saw is needed to... More »

The thin, tough membrane that covers bones is known as the periosteum. It typically serves as a protective layer for all areas of a bone, except where cartilage is present. More »

Cortical bone is a dense and rigid layer of calcium-rich osseous tissue that makes up the outer layer of a bone, explains InnerBody. This compact bone layer is cylindrical in shape with a honeycombed structure, providing... More »

The compact bone is made up of a dense layer of calcium and minerals which makes it so hard that surgeons need a saw to cut through it. It is honeycombed with thousands of holes where nerves and blood vessels run, supply... More »

Compact bone is the outer layer of a bone such as the tibia or fibula. Compact bone is also referred to as cortical bone. The compact bone is shaped like a cylinder and is extremely hard. More »