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Hard Copy vs Soft Copy. These days, banks ask account holders whether they want to have a hard copy or a soft copy of their bank statement. Internet Service Provider cajole customers to accept soft copies of their bills rather than pressing for hard copies.


Hard Copy vs. Soft Copy. As we live in an information age, data is very crucial for us. Data is mostly shared worldwide through different methods of transmission. Both the hard and soft copies are used worldwide for distributing information globally. But the main difference lies in their method of sharing information.


Hard copy is beneficial in the sense that it is touchable and can be read out easily. While soft copy sometime requires special software to read and access. Soft copy is beneficial for the environment as it cuts the cost of papers, ink and printing. Hard copy requires all this material to get the shape.


The main difference is actually their appearance and how they are presented. With a hard copy, you can literally touch and hold the reproduction of your data file, while with a soft copy, you can only edit the data file (presuming the file is editable) and view it through a monitor or screen display.


oh okay. The six more important difference between soft copy and hard copy are following. Soft copy. * it is an output copy of document stored in memory and can be seen on screen. * It can modified easily. * It need an electronic media for display...


Difference between Hard Copy and Soft Copy. Tweet. Key Difference: A hard copy is referred to a printed digital document file on paper, whereas soft copy is an unprinted electronic document file that exists in any digital form like in personal computers, pen drives, DVD’s, etc.


A hard copy cannot be stored for a long period of time because it often subjected wear and tear. A hard copy does not require an electronic medium to read and display as is the case with soft copy. Hard copies require a lot of space and are not easily portable. The quality of hard copy depends on paper, ink and printer.


Softcopy is a copy of documents stored in computer memory, hardcopy is the printed copy of the document. softcopy is in intangible while hardcopy is tangible. for more detail watch my channel DIT ...


Hardcopy definition, copy, as computer output printed on paper, that can be read without using a special device (opposed to soft copy). See more.


A soft copy (sometimes spelled "softcopy") is an electronic copy of some type of data, such as a file viewed on a computer's display or transmitted as an e-mail attachment. Such material, when printed, is referred to as a hard copy.