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It’s saying that the Hanukah candles can’t be like a Bondfire The main points of the Halacha is: 1. Can’t be used with a braided candle 2. They have to be spread out and not too close 3. You can’t put all the candles in a bowl with oil and light it. Happy (Early) Hanukkah Reply


How many candles lit today? "The day" began at sundown, so just one candle so far. After sundown today, another candle is to be lit. ... Each night of the 8 nights of Hanukkah, the candles are lit ...


After lighting the candles and Ma'oz Tzur, singing other Hanukkah songs is customary in many Jewish homes. Some Hasidic and Sephardi Jews recite Psalms, such as Psalm 30, Psalm 67, and Psalm 91. In North America and in Israel it is common to exchange presents or give children presents at this time.


Many families light candles on the hanukiah, a type of candle holder, eat sizzling potato pancakes, give gifts and play with the dreidel, a spinning toy that is particularly popular during Hanukkah. The last day of Hanukkah is the eighth day of Hanukkah.


The story of Hanukkah is recorded in the books of 1 and 2 Maccabees, which are not part of the Jewish canon, making this festival a unique holiday in the Jewish calendar and one of the first "modern" holidays to enter the cycle of holidays.


The Nine Candle Menorah. When asking how many candles are on a menorah, the most common answer is nine. This is because today, the menorah is most often associated with Hanukkah, the Jewish celebration of the seven-day battle against the Greek-Syrians in which the Jews reclaimed their Second Temple.


Chanukah (also spelled Hanukah or Hannukah) is the Jewish festival of lights and feast of dedication, a joyous holiday that celebrates the miracle of one day's quantity of oil burning for eight days in the menorah in the Temple of Jerusalem.


During Hanukkah, candles are traditionally lit for a total of 8 days. The candles are stored in a Menorah, which holds nine candles. Eight of the candles represent the number of days in Hanukkah.


In 2019, Hanukkah begins at sunset on Sunday, December 22. The first candle is lit on the Chanukiah (or menorah) on this date. Note: Hanukkah begins and ends at sundown on the dates listed below. See Sunrise and Sunset Times for your area.


Chanukah begins Sun. night, Dec. 22, 2019 and continues through Monday, December 30, 2019. Chanukah is the Jewish eight-day, wintertime “festival of lights,” celebrated with a nightly menorah lighting, special prayers and fried foods.