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Hanging begonia plants do best when soil is evenly moist, but it's important not to over-water because this can cause constantly soggy soil which can damage the plant and, if uncorrected, might kill it.For an indoor-grown plant, water whenever the top inch or two feels dry to the touch, allowing the pot to drain fully.


Hanging containers of tuberous begonias brighten up a porch or balcony in summer and early fall. To care for them, you need suitable containers, soilless potting mix, mulch and fertilizer. Choose a location. Tuberous begonias should be hung in areas with shade or partial shade. Direct sunlight burns the leaves and blossoms.


Check hanging baskets of begonias frequently as they can dry out in one day. If you find that the soil is dry to the touch, water the plant. ... "This was my first time buying a begonia flower in a hanging basket, so I appreciated all the care tips on this site. I was pleasantly surprised that you could add used coffee grounds to the soil. I am ...


Tis the season to plant exotic hanging baskets filled with tuberous begonias! When in full bloom, this versatile variety of tuberous begonias (B. tuberhybrida 'Pendula') can transform most any shady area of your deck, patio, balcony, or gazebo into a bewitching palette of brilliant colors. Their ...


Annual Begonia Care. Once appropriately placed in the flower bed or hanging basket, deadheading spent blooms and keeping the soil moist is the basis of annual begonia care. Watering correctly is important in the care of begonias. Soil should remain moist, but not too wet. A well-draining soil or potting mix simplifies this task.


Create a hanging basket/planter of begonias. How to plant a hanging basket for Summer Colour - The Pavilion Garden Centre Cork - Duration: 9:25. The Pavilion Home Store, Garden Centre, Country ...


Buy Pink Hanging Basket Begonia Bulbs, Flowers Bloom June to Frost and Grow 12”-15” High, Plant in Spring in Light Shade


Caring for hanging begonias requires you to always consider the leaf color to make sure they are growing properly. Care for hanging begonias with help from a gardening professional in this free ...


Our Trailing Begonias are easy to grow and will produce a profusion of vibrant blooms which will look absolutely stunning cascading over the sides of your hanging baskets, containers or window boxes this Summer. TIP: If you pinch out the growing points when your plant has 5 or 6 leaves, it will encourage bushier growth and more flowers!


Greenhouse & Nursery, Inc. HANGING BASKET CARE Less than Half Day of Full Sun Cont. • Non-Stop Begonia – Large leaves and colorful flowers make this a popular choice. It likes morning sun or late afternoon sun. Too much hot mid-day sun is not god. Keep the leaves dry. In cool, damp late summer