Handball is played indoors on a playing surface similar to an indoor soccer field. The court, which is slightly larger than a regulation basketball court, features goals situated on each end. Handball matches consist of ... More »

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Canasta requires at least four players and two standard decks of cards, including the jokers. Players play in teams and their members face across from each other. The overall objective is for the teams to score points by... More »

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The only rule to the card game "Garbage" is to either play or discard the card-in-hand. The game's object is to complete a set of 10 cards. More »

To play handball, the correct equipment must be gathered and the each player should know how to serve, return the serve and rally. A match is won by the first side to win two games, with each game played to 21 points, ac... More »

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Some of the most popular sports played and watched in Spain include soccer, basketball, tennis, handball and motorsports. Spain has a long history with soccer, including a FIFA World Cup win in 2010. The country also hos... More »

There can be up to 14 players on a handball team. During a match, each team can have up to seven players on the court: one goalkeeper and six court players. All other players are substitutes. More »

Paddleball players use short-handled, perforated paddles and a small ball to play paddleball, which is similar to handball. Paddleball, which is normally played on a handball or racquetball court, can played as singles w... More »

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