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HAND & FOOT CARD GAME RULES Note: There are many versions of Hand & Foot Rules published on the Internet and other sources. Along with basic rules, there are also many optional rules that may be adopted for play. The below rules have been modified in an effort to


GOCC - HAND AND FOOT CARD GAME RULES . Use one deck of cards (including jokers) for each player. The number of players must be four or six. Partners sit across the table from each other.


INTRODUCTION TO HAND AND FOOT. Hand and Foot card game is a game related to Canasta. In Hand and Foot, players are dealt two sets of cards: the hand, which is played with first, and the foot, which is played after.This game does not have standard rules and is played with a variety of variations.


Hand and Foot Rules. Hand and Foot is a version of Canasta in which each player is dealt two sets of cards, known as the "hand" and the "foot". Hand and Foot is closely related to Pennies From Heaven.The normal Canasta rules apply except for the following: The game is typically played by four players in two partnerships of two players each, although it can also be played with n...

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In Hand and Foot, a canasta a meld of seven cards will take one of the ... the rule made needs to be written down on the rules sheet and the rule is final for that table for the remainder of the night. ...


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Rules and variations of Hand and Foot Canasta, an American game in which each player has both a hand of cards and a foot, which is picked up when all the cards from the hand have been played.


This game is a variation of Canasta. Hand and Foot card games is played with 4 to 6 standard decks, and was ideally designed for 2 players but four to six players can also play it forming a team of two or three.Usually, number of decks is one more than the player but it is not standard.


In order to go to your FOOT you must play all the cards you are holding in your hand. You may go directly to your foot if you play all the cards in your hand (no discard) and continue to play. If you discard to empty your hand, you may pick up your foot (looking), but must wait until your next turn to play.


This is not a common rule of the game but without it, controlling the display is close to impossible. Object of the Game: Play all or as many of the cards in your HAND and FOOT before your opponent does and achieve the highest possible score. Overview: This is a 2 handed, game of Hand Foot Canasta.