Home Depot is the only hardware store to carry Hampton Bay ceiling fans and light fixtures. The brand is manufactured exclusively for Home Depot, and no other hardware retailer is authorized to sell the Hampton Bay produ... More »

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Home Depot is the main distributor of Hampton Bay patio furniture. It sells replacement parts on its website and in its traditional stores. The Hampton Bay Customer Service page on the Home Depot site is a good source fo... More »

To hang a Hampton Bay Flex track light fixture, remove the current track light fixture, and replace it with the Hampton Bay Flex fixture. If there is no existing fixture, you need a power drill and drill bit to drill mou... More »

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Hampton Bay is the house brand of The Home Depot, and as such, does not have a catalog. The best resource for finding Hampton Bay branded items is The Home Depot website, HomeDepot.com. Hampton Bay products are not avail... More »

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In order to control a Hampton Bay ceiling fan with an iPhone, owners must install a Bluetooth receiver that installs inside the fan. Once he installs the receiver, the user pairs it with the iPhone to set the fan speed o... More »

To remove a Hampton Bay ceiling fan, turn off the electricity, remove the light bulbs and shades, remove the canopy, unhook the fan from the mounting bracket and disconnect the wiring. Consult the owner's manual for inst... More »

There is no iOS or Android app dedicated to Hampton Bay products, but the Home Depot mobile app provides some information about Hampton Bay products. Hampton Bay is a house brand of Home Depot. More »

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