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Sentence using “hamartia” Ask Question 1. Can any one tell me how to use the word hamartia in everyday writing? I have searched a lot but failed to find any sentence using this word. Any help would be appreciated. meaning nouns literary-techniques. share | improve this question.


How to use hamartia in a sentence Looking for sentences and phrases with the word hamartia? Here are some examples. Sentence Examples. The terms hamartia and hubris should become basic tools of your critical apparatus.


Hamartia in a sentence. Hamartia; The hamartia called trust. metanoia as long as there is no hamartia. basically the principle that hamartia triggers metanoia. flow of emotions, in contrast, tends to amplify the devastating consequences of the hamartia. Unfortunately we have no example sentences for this word yet.


The word "hamartia" may sound strange, but it actually has a simple meaning - hamartia is simply the tragic flaw or fatal flaw of a character in literature or film. Hamartia In Famous Characters . Here we have listed some famous and not-so-famous examples of hamartia: In the Lord of the Rings series of books, the ring is Frodo's fatal flaw ...


Function of Hamartia. Hamartia imparts a sense of pity and fear in the audience, or the readers. The audience identifies with the tragic hero as, like them, his character is a mixture of good and bad qualities. They feel pity for the reversal of fortune that he undergoes.


Hamartia is a fatal flaw in a character, usually a hero/heroine. An example of hamartia would be Othello's jealousy in the Shakespearean play Othello.


hamartia definition: The definition of hamartia is a terrible mistake or error in judgment by a character in a film or book. (noun) An example of hamartia is a rock ...


Best Answer: You do not need a comma in that sentence, and grammatically it's fine. However, a tragic flaw (hamartia) is supposed to be something that helps bring about the person's destruction, so not being able to sing seems a little odd. Maybe "could not tell a lie even to save his life" or "believed ...


Hamartia definition is - tragic flaw. Did You Know? Recent Examples on the Web. Kennedy’s ruthlessness and ambition—which are treated as the Kennedys’ hamartia in Chappaquiddick—are swept under the rug of his compassion. — Alex Shephard, The New Republic, "The Eternal Return of the Kennedys," 30 Apr. 2018 These example sentences are selected automatically from various online news ...


It was for Alexander a tragic flaw, or hamartia, a Greek word meaning to miss the mark when shooting an arrow Christians would later use the same word to mean “sin”.. Alexander the Great. It was for Alexander a tragic flaw, or hamartia, a Greek word meaning to miss the mark when shooting an arrow Christians would later use the same word to mean “sin”.