Half-sleeve tattoos are tattoo patterns that cover either the entire forearm or the upper arm. A half-sleeve tattoo is a more conservative form of a full-sleeve tattoo, which covers the entire arm from wrist to shoulder. More »

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To design a half-sleeve tattoo, it is most important to have detailed reference information. There is limited space in a half-sleeve tattoo, so it is important that the artist knows why the desired imagery is significant... More »

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You can design a half-sleeve tattoo by determining what it is you are passionate about. Draw ideas separately on a piece of paper. When you are happy with your drawings, cut them out and arrange them together on another ... More »

A half-sleeve tattoo is a tattoo that covers half of a person's arm or leg. Half-sleeves on the arm usually extend from the shoulder to the elbow. Leg half-sleeves extend from the thigh to knee or from knee to ankle. More »

According to Tattoo Easily, an armband tattoo is one that encircles the bicep, forearm or wrist. The concept of an armband tattoo revolves around creating permanent jewelry on the skin and making statements regarding the... More »

The least painful place to get a tattoo for most people is the fleshy part of the arm including the forearm and bicep. In general, places with similarly dense skin, such as the thighs and buttocks, are also among the les... More »

Amazing Tattoo Ideas describes two cross tattoos designs for the forearm. One is in black ink with a complex design and a circular motif connecting the arms of the cross. The second is a wooden cross in brown ink with a ... More »

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