Some common and stylish hairstyles for medium-length hair include tousled tresses, a slightly messy shoulder-length cut, slight layers cut vertically into the ends of the hair and hair with soft, full bangs and curls. Ot... More » Beauty & Fashion Hair Hairstyles

Individuals with medium-length permed hair can style their hair in much the same way as a person with naturally curly hair would, including full and partial up-do styles, casual curly ponytail styles and other styles ach... More » Beauty & Fashion Hair Hairstyles

Long bobs, variations of layered cuts and blunt edge cuts, as well as bold coloring tactics, are popular hairstyles for medium-length hair. Online guides from publications, such as Latest-Hairstyles, feature common cuts ... More » Beauty & Fashion Hair Hairstyles

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Easy, cute hairstyles for fine, medium-length hair include a low ponytail, up-flip bob, subtle curls and a feline twist. Tips for making any style cute on fine hair include using volumizing products, drying hair upside d... More »

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Some short styles for black hair include texturized waves, curvaceous bangs, an asymmetric bob with wispy ends and vintage curls. Short, straight haircuts and braided short hairstyles are also good options for black hair... More » Beauty & Fashion Hair Hairstyles