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Frizzy and Too Curly Hair after Perm Q: About a month ago I had a perm done by a home-based hair stylist. She used the brand called Acclaimed. She used the white curlers for the top section and purple for the lower section. I had told her that I want a body perm and that the top section of my hair is thin.


Q: Since waves are in, I got a perm to give my fine hair some body. But it came out frizzy. What can I do to fix my fine hair? A: A perm can go bad for a number of reasons, says Samy, owner of the Samy Salon in Miami. Shampooing too soon afterward or leaving the perm solution on too long -- or not long enough -- can contribute, and if your hair is colored or highlighted, strands can be damaged ...


Body Wave & Frizzy Hair Q: I just got a body wave and I accidently washed my hair 2 days after. Now the curls are gone and my hair is really frizzy. I don't know what to do to get the curls back without the frizz. ... How to get rid of frizzy hair Frizzy and too curly hair after a perm :


The chemicals used to permanently curl your locks actually change the physical structure of your hair. At-home and salon perms aren’t foolproof, meaning you can wind up with hair that’s far too curly. On top of this, the perm chemicals can lead to dry, unmanageable and frizzy hair.


How To Fix A Bad Perm How To Fix A Bad Perm ... perm the fishtails so that they blend. Wait at least three days after the initial perm, however, so as not to cause too much damage to your hair. Chemical Misapplication ... Use a good deep conditioner to hydrate your hair back to health. This will decrease frizz and result in a better-looking ...


If you want curly or wavy hair, getting a perm is the best way to do it. However, getting a perm can leave your hair damaged if not done right. This is a guide about remedies for hair damaged by perm.


I just had my hair permed a few days ago. I have wavy hair and it keeps on getting fluffy and frizzy so I decided to perm it. After 24 hours, I will be washing it already. I'm just afraid that it might not turn out to be the way I like it. I permed my hair so that it can help my hair return to its normal wavy look since rebonding it will make ...


A number of different things can cause frizz after a perm, including too much heat. Find out what causes frizz after a perm with help from a New York born hair and makeup artist in this free video ...


If your stylist doesn't allow the perm to process for the right amount of time, hair can either get too curly (making it look frizzy) or not curly enough with limp, loose waves. If hair is resistant to chemicals or curved incorrectly around perm rods, you might get wayward ends (called fishtails) that stick straight out from the rest of your ...


Hair gels contain moisturizing ingredients to help smooth and define curls and should be applied to towel-dried hair after washing. Anti-frizz serums help tame frizz and make permed hair appear shinier. Most serums can be applied on wet or damp hair after washing your hair, as well as after drying it.