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Once hair is physically or chemically damaged, the change is permanent, and any treatment promising restoration is actually only a temporary cosmetic fix. Cutting off the heat-damaged ends before the damage travels farther up the hair shaft is the only true way to improve the condition of damaged ha


System Restore establishes checkpoints to restore a computer’s files to an earlier date. It is a way to undo unwanted system changes to a computer without disrupting personal documents, data, photos or emails.


The Bosley company states that hair restoration can be achieved through surgical hair transplantation or through its procedures known as Bosley's LaserComb Elite, Theradome Laser Helmet, Bosley Professional Strength system or Prescription Propecia. Bosley does claim that surgical hair transplantatio


When restoring a historic home, allow the old plaster to remain, as replacing it with modern materials reduces the value of the home. If the plaster is loose, use glue injection to reattach it to the lath. Replace damaged or crumbling mortar with a mortar mixture that closely matches the existing mo


Some top restoration companies in the United States include Trilogy Restoration, First General Services, Paul Davis Restoration, DKI-Hammer Building and Restoration Inc. Winmar and Bedrosian Industries are also featured among the top restoration companies, as noted on MyRestrorationDirectory.com.


Windows Restore allows users to restore a computer to an earlier time. The program eliminates recent changes made to a system.


Water damage restoration is a multistep process in which property damaged by water is restored to pre-loss condition. This generally involves a damage assessment, water removal, drying and dehumidifying, sanitizing, and restoration such as minor repairs.


Long-term restorative care is a type of care provided by a health care system, in which the goal is to maintain the highest possible level of functioning both medically and in daily living, as stated by TheFreeDictionary.com. The phrase, "long-term care," as defined by the U.S. Department of Health


Connect the iPod to your computer, and restore your device using the Restore option in iTunes. You need to install the latest iPod and iTunes software versions to begin.


System Restore may not work if anti-virus software is preventing the program from creating a restore point, or if third-party drivers have interfered with the restoration process. System Restore also requires 300 megabytes of hard drive space to store restoration points.