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Naturally gray and silver hair can get dry, which is why it’s important to use a super hydrating shampoo. This one, considered one of the best shampoos for gray hair, contains caviar to help add ...


Gray hair happens--embrace it with these styling and product tips to accentuate your silver strands. Gray hair happens--embrace it with these styling and product tips to accentuate your silver ...


The newest, attention-grabbing hair color seen on the streets of NYC and at the salon, is gray -- or more aptly named white, silver, pewter, and every shade in between. With the availability of new treatments and conditioners made to enhance gray hair's color and condition, this once-maligned hair ...

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Purple Conditioner for Silver, Gray and Blonde Hair: Brighten and Remove Yellowing or Brassy Tones with No Sulfates, No Parabens – 16 ounce – Cruelty-Free for Color-Treated and Natural Hair


It doesn't happen all at once, but eventually hair will go gray. With the color change comes new concerns like dryness and texture. Find out the best haircare and styling products for naturally ...


This treatment is ideal for nourishing gray hair, thanks to its natural oils and hybrid oil technology, which protect hair from styling damage and strengthen hair fibers.


Gray or silver hair can be trendy and even chic if cared for properly. With a little tender loving care and the right products your hair can be luscious vibrant and healthier looking than ever


A great way to restore, rejuvenate and add sparkle to gray hair is with apple cider vinegar. Gray hair can turn yellow as residue that is left on your hair from other products makes hair appear brassy and dull. Products such as shampoo, conditioners, hair spray, mousse, and gels can leave a residue on the hair shaft that actually yellows.


This is a good time to reassess your hair care routine and the products you use. The changing biological structure of your hair might mean experimenting with a few different routines and products to get that optimal shine, bounce, and sheen. We are frequently asked about products that keep gray and silver hair shining, bouncy and healthy.


Are you starting to go gray and thinking of coloring your hair at home? If so, you have lots of options. Here's advice from Las Vegas celebrity stylist Michael Boychuck and cosmetics chemist Ni ...