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Is Your Hair Dead or Alive? Jun 21, 2011. I am certain many of you have heard someone say, “Your hair is dead, and so it does not matter what you do to it”. But is it dead or alive? Actually No and Yes. I will elaborate on my answer for clarification. The hair outside your scalp, physiologically speaking, is dead.


Hair, like your nails, is dead. What's alive is the hair sac, where the hair is made. Think of a strand of hair as a tall stack of pancakes, and in the hair sac there's a very busy person frying ...


The hair outside of your scalp is psychologically dead, it has no blood, nerves or muscles. When you cut it there is no pain, and it does not bleed. However, for a dead fiber, it is quite remarkable. Healthy hair can be stretched up to 30% of its length, can absorb it own weight in water and can increase its diameter by 20%.


Is hair then alive or dead? It all depends on which part of the hair you’re referring to. The part of the hair found inside the hair follicle is alive. The shaft of the hair (visible part) doesn’t have any biochemical activity in it and according to dermatologists, is considered dead. The visible parts of your hair contains dead keratinised ...


Hair is alive or dead depends upon which part we are talking about. The part of the hair inside the scalp is alive. The visible parts of hair is dead. In other words Hair is not alive. Hair grows from the follicle underneath the scalp skin and fed...


Is your Hair Dead or Alive? I am sure you have heard someone say that it doesn't matter what you do to your hair - it's dead anyway. But is it? No and yes. The hair that we see outside our scalp are dead as it has no blood or nerves. A healthy hair can be stretched up to 30 % of its total length and said to have high insulating powers.


Thanks for asking this question. For a long time, this question perplexed me. The hair strands that we have on the exterior of our body is basically lifeless or dead. But interestingly, the core or the extreme end of strands that is inside the sca...


However the scalp from which hair grows out of contains tiny follicles, each growing up to eight stands of hair, and each reaching into the deeper layer of the skin for blood flow and nourishment. This part of the hair is indeed alive and needs plenty of good nutrients, gentleness and care, to grow healthy and strong.


Best Answer: Hair is dead protein by definition. Hair is not alive BUT there is a difference between moisturized, trimmed, smooth feeling, strong hair with no split ends and hair that looks and feels dry, is brittle and breaking, and has lots of split ends.