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Hair is considered both dead and alive. Hair follicles include tiny blood vessels that are designed to keep it growing. This part of the hair is alive.


The television series "Dead or Alive" is about a veteran of the Civil War by the name of Josh Randall, played by actor Steve McQueen, who works as a bounty hunter during the 1870s in what is known as the "Wild West." He uses a sawed-off rifle as his weapon.


Bones have many living components, but the structural parts of bones, which are hard calcium phosphate salts in a network of collagen protein, are not living. Some of the living cells of bones deposit these materials around them to create the hard parts of the bones.


Legally, a baby is considered alive when it is fully expelled from the uterus with a beating heart or voluntary breaths, pulsating umbilical cord and voluntary movement of their muscles, which is known as the "born alive" status. However, philosophically people may take a different view to the point


Baby Alive food is a novelty water-based food mix designed to be fed to toy Baby Alive dolls. The mix is sold by the toy manufacturer Hasbro, although many online forums offer tips to make the mix at home using simple ingredients.


If hair follicles are truly dead, they cannot be revived. However, bald spots that exhibit little to no hair growth may still have some resting follicles that are still alive. In these cases, hair loss treatments, including topical solutions like minoxidil and finasteride, may help revive resting fo


The only official game called "Stay Alive" is a flash-based game. According to MostPlays.com, "Stay Alive" is a game that involves the player controlling a blue ball and guiding it to the exit. The game provides a challenge because the walls and ground never stop moving.


Some people believe they can talk to the dead, which is called necromancy, but other people believe it is impossible. Self-proclaimed mediums profess the ability to receive messages from the dead. Some Bible scholars warn that the Bible forbids necromancy.


A dead star is a star that has exhausted all its fuel for nuclear fusion and is simply the core of the former star floating through space. The size of the star before it uses up all its fuel determines what happens to it afterward.


Animals that eat dead organisms include vultures, fly larvae, wolves, wild boar and the Virginia opossum. Vultures are found in nearly every continent and live in any habitat where there's a steady food supply.