With the advance in technology, do-it-yourself hair dyeing kits work well in transforming and enhancing looks, and they save money. For dyeing hair at home, you need hair dye, a paintbrush, a bowl, clips, a rat-tail comb... More »

While the exact recipe for organic hair dye depends on the target color, to make organic hair dye at home, chop up an herbal material, mix it with hot water to make a paste, apply to the hair, process and rinse out. Maki... More »

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There are a number of home remedies used to lighten dark hair dye, and some of them include the use of a hair dye remover, washing the hair daily until it lightens and applying extra-virgin olive oil to lighten the hair.... More »

Deep burgundy hair color can be applied at home using home hair coloring kits. The procedure can also be performed in a salon by a professional colorist. More »

While synthetic hair cannot be dyed using conventional hair-dyeing techniques, synthetic hair dyeing kits exist, and it is possible to dye synthetic hair using a dye that will adhere to plastic and will not rinse off wit... More »

Cover up highlights by dying hair a darker color with home hair coloring kits. Choose a permanent hair color that matches the hair's darkest shade. More »

Homemade bleaching kits can be made using a simple recipe of 3 cups of brewed chamomile tea mixed with 1 cup of lemon juice. Apply the mixture to the hair, sit in the sun for maximum lightening benefit and then rinse and... More »

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