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Upper lip twitching is caused by a sudden involuntary contraction of the muscle or muscle fibers in the lips or as a result of direct stimulation or injury, according to Health Hype. Lip twitches also result from tics, spasms and tremors. They are usually benign, but sometimes indicate an underlying


The groove between the nose and the upper lip is called the philtrum, according to MedlinePlus. The philtrum is also called the medial cleft. Most mammals have this groove.


According to Deborah Sarnoff MD, a clinical associate professor of dermatology at the New York University Medical center, upper lip discoloration can be treated using a mild hydrocortisone cream in combination with a hydroquinone cream. A prescription retinoid cream may also be able to help with dis


Body hair varies among women, though the hair on a woman's chest, abdomen, back, upper lip and chin tends to be fine and light in color. Hirsutism may make hairs in those regions thicker or darker-colored, according to the U.S. National Library of Medicine.


There is a misconception that shaving and tweezing cause hair to grow back thicker, but there is no scientific evidence that plucking upper lip hair causes the texture to change. Tweezing removes the hair from the root and it will grow back the same color and texture as the previous hair unless a pe


The indent just above the upper lip is known as the philtrum. This feature serves no practical purpose but is a vestigial reminder of the development that takes place in the womb.


Sudden swelling of the lips is a common symptom of angioedema, an allergic reaction that is believed to be triggered by eating shellfish, exposure to animal dander and ingestion of certain medications, according to MedlinePlus. Angioedema sometimes accompanies medical conditions such as lupus and ly


Dogs do indeed have lips. The pendulous upper lips in some breeds are called flews. In addition to their primary function of protecting the teeth, dogs' lips are also used to send signals via body language and to help channel scents to the nose.


Hirsutism, which is the growth of male-pattern hair on a woman’s face, occurs when her body produces an abnormal amount of male sex hormones, or androgens, according to Mayo Clinic. These androgens can be caused by some medications, certain diseases or genetics, explains Drugs.com.


A blister on the inner upper lip can occur for a variety of reasons that include burns from hot foods and irritation caused by dentures or braces, according to Healthline. Mouth blisters can also caused by vigorous teeth-brushing that irritates the gums.