Among many other sources, one can find lessons on ocean habitats for kids at National Geographic’s kids’ website, the PBS Kids website and the University of California at Santa Barbara’s website. Each source has differen... More » Science Biology

Information for kids about lion habitats includes that lions are majestic creatures that inhabit several types of terrain, particularly those that provide them with opportunities to both stalk prey and hide from predator... More »

Fun projects for kids studying desert habitats include desert dioramas, paintings and clay animals. Classic dioramas are easy to make by attaching decorations to a shoebox. For example, kids can use supplies such as cons... More »

Kids can play Daniel Tiger games on the PBS Kids website by visiting the site and choosing the game they want to play. Games include Tea Party, Make Believe and Doctor Daniel. More » Hobbies & Games Video & Online Games Online Games

PBS Kids is the children’s television programming branch of the Public Service Broadcasting network. As of 2015, PBS Kids offers children's programs, including “Sesame Street,” “Thomas & Friends” and “Wild Kratts,” on 35... More » Art & Literature

PBS Kids programming varies based on region, which means that different areas show different shows at different times. The schedule for PBS Kids programming can be found on the PBS website, as well as local broadcast pro... More » Art & Literature

"Halfpipe Hoverball," "Hearts and Crafts," "Bathtime Helper," "Marbleous Marvel Coaster," "Feed the Dingo," "Dress Up Time," "The Cookie Case", "Code Breaker", "Make the Cake," "Clifford's Big Parade" and "Creature Featu... More » Hobbies & Games Video & Online Games Online Games