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The two main types of habitats are land habitats and water habitats. Among the many types of land habitats are rain forests, deserts, and mountains. Because of their moist climate, rain forests support more kinds of plant and animal life than any other habitat. In contrast, deserts support only animals and plants that can live without much water.


From the depths of the ocean to the top of the highest mountain, habitats are places where plants and animals live. Learn about these unique regions of our planet. Trek through the desert! These areas are dry and full of life. Climb into Mountains. Get facts and photos about this awesome habitat.


Learn about animals, from endangered species to pets. Get animal facts, view animal pictures, and watch animal videos.


TRAPPIST-1 Facts. Science Articles For Kids Conclusion. We are continually adding more science articles for kids to the Active Wild website. As we do so, we will link to them from this page. We sincerely hope that you enjoy reading the articles, and that they provide you with the information you need to better understand the subject.


A habitat is a place that an animal lives. It provides the animal with food, water and shelter. There are many different sorts of habitats around the world from forests to grasslands and from mountain slopes to deserts. Different habitats are home to different animals.


Habitat facts for kids. Kids Encyclopedia Facts. A wild boar in its natural habitat. This species was used to domesticate pigs. A habitat is an area that is lived in by a particular species of animal, plant, or other type of organism.


Your habitat is probably a house or an apartment. Trees, plants, rocks, soil, and water are habitats for many other animals. When we clear away trees and other plants to make room for people, animals and plants lose their habitats. Building cities, homes, roads, and highways all cause habitat loss.


close Animal Habitats For Kids Click on the animal habitat images below to see a list of animals by habitat and to learn more about the habitat.


Oceans serve as the planet’s largest habitat and also help to regulate the global climate. But why is the ocean salty? And how is climate change impacting the ocean?


Plants and animals live in many different habitats such as the forest, desert, ocean, pond, or farm. Although these habitats may look very different, they all meet the needs of the plants and animals that live there. This Science4Us module introduces students to different types of habitats and the living things that are found in them.