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H&M stands for Hennes & Mauritz AB, a Swedish retailer of clothing for children, teens, men and women. H&M, which opened its first store in 1947, is one of the world's largest clothing retailers.


As of 2014, Hennes & Mauritz AB outsources production to about 900 suppliers, 80 percent of whom are in Asia and the rest in Europe and Africa. The designs are created in Sweden.


H&M customers may shop online by visiting the H&M website and adding items to their virtual shopping bag. Orders require a valid U.S. billing and shipping address, and customers must provide payment information. Orders may be edited as many times as necessary before the...


Fast fashion retailer H&M sells products such as apparel, cosmetics and accessories. H&M also sells home products. Other items H&M sells include specialty items such as maternity wear and plus-sized clothing.


As of late January 2016, some popular items sold at H&M include skinny ankle jeans for women; the Feminine Expression collection, featuring blouses with ruffles, a floral patterned dress and a basic circle skirt; and classic basics, such as button-front Oxford-style shi...


To purchase H&M clothing online, go to HM.com, place orders by selecting products, choose any of the available options, and then go through the checkout process. Online ordering of H&M products is only available in certain countries.


The H&M clothing stores are owned by the H&M Group, which started as Hennes in Sweden in 1947. The company has been a publicly-traded organization since the brand hit the stock market in 1974 and now operates retail establishments in 55 countries.