A typical Gypsy wedding is loud, joyful and abundant with vivid colors and themes. There are glittering and sparkly materials and jewels and extravagant surroundings and decoration; all in all, the wedding is exaggerated... More »

Vietnamese wedding traditions include going to see a fortune teller to determine the wedding's date, the groom's family asking permission for their son to marry the bride and holding the post-wedding party at the groom's... More »

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Some Lebanese wedding traditions include a zaffe outside the groom's room, publicly displaying the bride's trousseau and a traditional walk from the bride's to the groom's house. In small villages, the entire town waits ... More »

Only individuals who are born into one of the ethnic groups known as "gypsies" can be gypsies, otherwise it is impossible to become one. Gypsies sometimes marry those who are not gypsy, although it is widely discouraged.... More »

A few female Romani (Gypsy) names are Lala, Mala and Dooriya. Romani names are similar to names in Hindi, Punjabi and Bengali demonstrating the Romani’s Indo-Aryan origins. More »

Gypsy horses are available for adoption through sites such as Adopt a Pet. This site searches for pets of a certain breed and compiles a list of those available for adoption. More »

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The traditional gender roles of men are based on the themes of strength, honor and action, according to licensed psychologist Will Meek, PhD. Such gender roles culturally encourage men to take certain actions while refra... More »