While gymnastics incorporates a variety of movements, the following positions are fundamental building blocks: hollow, arch, straddle, tuck, pike, lunge, salto and twist. Some of these movements can transition into other... More »

The six basic body positions in gymnastics include the arch, pike, tuck, straddle, hollow and lunge. The skills of gymnasts, such as the ability to jump over a balance beam, fly over a vault through the air in a powerful... More »

Find pictures of gymnastics positions by going to iSport.com. The article on this website entitled "The Basic Gymnastics Positions Explained" features pictures of fundamental gymnastics positions as well as descriptions ... More »

Pyramid building in acrobatic gymnastics is when a group of gymnasts make a human pyramid by standing or kneeling on top of one another with only one person on the top level. It is especially popular with cheerleaders. More »

Gymnastics is a set of exercises that date back to ancient Greek civilization. It was a sport created to aid in body development. Gymnastic events included running, wrestling, swimming, throwing and weight lifting. Moder... More »

The precise answer is a mystery. It is known that gymnastics were very prevalent in ancient Greece, however the modern sport of gymnastics was credited to Frederich Jahn in the early 1800s. More »

Gymnastics was first introduced in ancient Greece as a sport and a discipline for fitness. Gymnastics as a competitive sport did not begin to develop until the late 1700s, thanks to the contributions of Johann Bernhard B... More »