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Solid gutter covers, fine mesh gutter covers, foam inserts and brush-style inserts are some of the types of gutter guards available. Nylon and other filter-type gutter guards are also available.


As of August 2015, Leaf Relief gutter guards are sold online at Essential Hardware, Do It Best and Amazon.com. While all three retailers ship to customers' homes, Do It Best also delivers the product free to certain local stores.


A gutter helmet's nose-forward design protects a continuous 3/8-inch water opening designed to keep leaves and debris out of the gutter, while a leaf guard's 5/8-inch vertical opening is less likely to prevent debris from entering the gutter. Gutter helmets, while appearing seamless, are comprised o


Leaf guard gutter installation costs roughly $20 to $35 per foot, as of 2015. This amounts to around $2,500 to $5,000 for the average-sized home. Pricing varies widely among installers and depends on the type and quality of the product installed.


As of 2015, the average cost of gutters with leaf guards is about $20 to $30 per foot with professional installation. This averages out to be about $3,000 to $5,000 for the average home, which has 160 feet of gutters.


A common problem for customers who have a Gutter Helmet installed is water pulling wet debris, such as leaves and twigs, around the curved nose and into the gutter where it accumulates. This collects with other debris until the gutter becomes blocked.


Popular brands of leaf filters and gutter guards include LeafFilter, Gutter Helmet and Leaf Guard. Each of these systems has cons as well as beneficial properties, according to GutterGuys.com.


The AmeriMax 85198 and AmeriMax 854054 rate as excellent gutter guards, according to Consumer Reports. These self-installed systems are durable, effective and less expensive than many other options. Other highly rated gutter guards include the Gutterglove Pro, Waterloov, Raindrop and LeafFilter syst


A Leaf Relief gutter cover works by attaching to a gutter already in place, allowing water to flow into the gutter system and preventing leaves from entering your gutters. The product is backed by a 25-year warranty, as of November 2014.


There are several highly-rated gutter guards, including the LeafFilter, GutterTopper, LeafGuard and Waterlov. Each gutter guard performs well in terms of buildup and heavy flow. Guards also vary according to whether or not they are meant to be homeowner or professionally installed, which drastically