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While not all of these symptoms will be experienced by every pregnant guppy, the signs are a great starting point for trying to determine if your guppy is pregnant or not. Some additional symptoms of pregnancy among guppies include: Shaking or shivering; Rubbing itself up against things in the tank – the wall, leaves, decorations; Refusal to eat


Stage 1: The female guppy is not pregnant at all in this picture and there is no sign of a gravid patch. She has probably given birth recently, this is the least pregnant a female guppy can get ...


As a female guppy is likely to eat her fry, it is essential to monitor her closely and remove her from the tank immediately after she gives birth to her babies. Read this PetPonder article to know the pregnancy signs as well as the signs of a guppy going into labor.


Caring for a pregnant guppy is not much different then caring for the single, healthy ones that you are accustomed to. The difference is that soon, she and her baby will need protection from the male species in the tank, and from any other females who sense the babies within her and the signs that meal time is close at hand.


A pregnant guppy will develop a pronounced bulge in her abdomen. If you have other guppies in your tank, the difference between the sleek, slender non-pregnant guppies and the pregnant ones will be very noticeable. Your mother guppy may have a red or dark triangular spot at the base of the abdominal bulge.


Near the end of that gestation period, the female will show signs of the impending birth. Different fishes have different personalities and not every pregnant female guppy will show the same symptoms of birthing. Although we have listed the most common signs of delivery by pregnant Guppy Fish (Guppies).


This post is a reflection of my experience with my pregnant guppy. I took photos of the progression of her pregnancy to document the the growth of her belly and other changes that I saw. Hopefully these photos will help others to determine how far along their pregnant guppy is and when she might be due.


The best bet is to put your female guppy into a seperate tank so that it isn't harrassed by the males and once she has given birth feed it well and give it atleast 24 hours to relax before releasing it into the main tank again. That way you can raise the fry in a harm free tank. Common signs of a pregnant guppy are.


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It might be hard to spot a Guppy in labor since the signs may not be so obvious. The easiest methods might be to look for the darken and enlarged gravid spot but sometimes it might not be so obvious when you just got your Guppies or if you forgot how the gravid spot looked like previously.