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Food they can eat and what they really like Guinea Pig food list April 20, 2015 in Feeding guinea pigs [Auto translated] There is a huge variety of plant you can feed your Guinea Pigs with.


Downloadable Fruit & Veg Chart. Click here to buy your Guinea Pig Safe Fruit & Veg Chart Feeding Plan today! You can also purchase a really useful bundle that includes the food chart but also 12 care sheets, adoption certificate and 3 art prints - click here for the bundle.


How can I use the Guinea Lynx' chart on this page? This chart allows you to see how various fruits and vegs stack up nutritionally and how one food compares to others. Corn, for example, is nutritionally very poor and is not recommended for guinea pigs.


List of vegetables and fruits Here is list of fresh foods that are suitable for guinea pigs and are very popular with my little group. Remember every guinea pig is different, some guinea pigs may like certain foods like carrots or kale, but may turn their noses up at other foods like baby tomatoes or celery.


If your guinea pig is overweight, exclude fruit from the diet as it is high in sugar. Guinea pigs have a sweet tooth and may eat the foods that are high in sugars instead of the beneficial greens. Please refer to the HSCC food chart for a comprehensive list of fruits and veggies Housing/Equipment Guinea pigs need as much floor space as possible.


Guinea Pig Guidelines Guinea pigs can make great companions for both first-time or experienced pet owners. Every guinea pig has a ... Fresh hay – Your guinea pig should be provided with unlimited amounts of hay at all times. Timothy hay is ... Commercial guinea pig food – There are a variety of commercial guinea pig foods on the market to ...


The keys to a good diet for your guinea pigs are to use a wide range of vegetables and a bit of fruit. Keep fruits and vegetables low in calcium, ... Grass/wheatgrass Fresh grass has lots of nutrients Silverweed Clover Both red and white in moderation ... cavy food chart.doc


What You Need To Know About The Vegetable/Fruit Charts. Most of the data for the vegetable and fruit charts comes from the USDA Nutrient Database.Some data on the oxalic acid content of select vegetables can also be found at the USDA site (this information was originally printed in Agriculture Handbook No. 8-11, Vegetables and Vegetable Products, 1984).


To make things clearer, here is our five point plan for feeding a guinea pig. #1: Hay at all Times. Give your guinea pig ad lib access to fresh, green hay and you’ll have a healthy guinea pig. Provide a hay net or rack to keep it up off the floor and your pig can graze to his heart’s content without growing fat.


In the wild, guinea pigs have a diet which is rich in fresh vegetables, fruits, and flowers. Therefore it is a good idea to replicate this as much as possible and feed your pets the types of foods that they enjoy eating and can digest easily. The advice on this page will help you choose the right foods to feed them, prepare them properly, and feed them in the correct quantities.