Guinea pigs require a cage, bedding, food and water for basic care. The animals should also have plenty of exercise and regular health care checkups from a veterinarian. More »

Pet guinea pigs typically need their nails clipped regularly by their owners or veterinarians. Otherwise, the nails continue to grow and either break off or curl under painfully. Their nails wear down naturally only if t... More » Pets & Animals Mammals Rodents

Guinea pigs are relatively vocal animals and use squeaking as a way to communicate emotions such as fear and happiness, according to Not only do guinea pigs squeak to communicate with other guinea pigs, but al... More »

Guinea pigs can, and should, eat fresh grass daily. Guinea pigs graze, nibbling grass and plants both day and night, which keeps them full and helps keep their teeth from becoming too long. More »

Guinea pigs, also known as cavies, do not have tails. They have round-shaped bodies and short legs, and are furry and sociable creatures. There are a variety of different guinea pig breeds with different coat lengths and... More »

Guinea pigs do not need regular baths, but a bath every other month will help to keep a guinea pig clean. When it comes to baths, some guinea pigs behave calmly and enjoy the warm water and gentle massage that comes with... More »

Guinea pigs are usually for sale at any pet retailer that handles live animals, including PetSmart, Petco and many locally-owned pet stores. Prospective pet owners may also find private parties in their area with guinea ... More » Pets & Animals Pets