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When Do You Plant Pumpkins in Texas? In order for pumpkins to be ready by Halloween (Oct. 31), pumpkin seeds need to be planted between June 1 and July 1 in Texas. Most varieties of pumpkins need 90 to 120 days to reach maturity.


If you garden in East Texas check the pH prior to planting. Pumpkins will not grow well if the pH is below 5.5 so the addition of lime may be necessary. If possible, incorporate these amendments into the planting bed with a rototiller.


Pumpkin being grown Vertically. When deciding what Squash and, or Pumpkins to grow in your family’s garden consider: Growing types that your family eats regularly, there is no point in growing something that may go waste.


EAST TEXAS VEGETABLE PLANTING GUIDE . Crop . SPRING Planting date . FALL Planting date: SEED or PLANT per 100 feet . Inches of Planting Distance # of days before harvest . Yield Per : ... Pumpkin May 15 Aug. 1 ½ oz. 36-48 75-100 100 lbs. --- Radish March 1 July 1 - Oct. 10


Pumpkin Production: Texas is the fourth leading state in commercial pumpkin production, and generates $2.4 million for farmers, with an economic impact of $7.4 million in the state. 5,000 to 8,000 acres are planted annually in Texas. 90% are in the west Texas region. The pumpkin is a cucurbit, over 90% are produced for seasonal ornamental use.


Planting pumpkin seeds in Texas is no different than planting them anywhere else. The only difference is that pumpkins can always be planted directly into the ground in most parts of the state, whereas in colder areas the seeds may need to be started indoors.


In Central Texas, pumpkin patches are typically planted in early summer, as they require warm soils to germinate. Although June is prime planting time, pumpkin patches require advance planning because of the way they grow. Before you plant your seeds, make sure you know what kind of pumpkins you want to harvest.


In East Texas, gourds are produced on long vines and are known for their interesting shapes and colors. Some member of the gourd family, such as pumpkins and summer squash, are eaten but others are dried and used to make containers and craft projects. There are many varieties of gourds available to grow, such as the ...


Fall brings a welcome end to a long hot summer, and ornate landscape decorations featuring the harvest from our Texas farms and gardens.Central to these decorations are the winter squashes. Before we delve into growing great pumpkins or decorative winter squashes a few words of classification are in order.


East Texas Gardening Guide . Welcome to Gardening in East Texas! You live in a great climate for gardening! You have lots of sun, a good bit of rain, and a long growing season. The good news is that it means you can grow just about anything you want!