Hanging containers of tuberous begonias brighten up a porch or balcony in summer and early fall. To care for them, you need suitable containers, soilless potting mix, mulch and fertilizer. More »

Annual flowers, also known as annuals, only live for one season and do not come back the next year. Perennials are flowers that live for more than one season, returning in the years after they're planted. More »

Pumpkins can be grown in large containers on a porch or deck. A 20- to 25-gallon container is recommended, although a smaller 10-gallon container can be used for growing miniature pumpkins. Alternatively, a 6-foot plasti... More »

Bougainvilleas should be placed in large containers in the garden during summer and should be free of frost in winter, according to the Royal Horticultural Society. They grow best in a bright, sunny area, but they need p... More »

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Plant chrysanthemums in the spring to ensure the flowers develop a strong root system before winter, and allow potted mums that are purchased in the fall to remain in their containers until spring. Plant mums in a locati... More »

Escallonia should be pruned in late summer or early fall after they have ceased blooming for the season or in the spring if they are in colder climates, according to SFGate. Escallonia pruning should remove a third of th... More »

For spring to early summer blooms the following year, iris bulbs should be planted from mid-summer to early fall in U.S. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 4 through 9. This lengthy head start gives iris bul... More »

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