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Box braids will not help hair grow, but simply help with retention and breakage. When hair is braided, there is less of a chance for the hair to break off.


Synthetic hair is typically used for creating box braids — a popular style choice among African American women. Three strands of hair form the braid with opposing strands crossing over one another.


To style hair into box braids, you have to divide the hair into multiple sections within four quadrants and plait each one. Before braiding, the hair should be cleaned, detangled and blown dry.


No, braiding does not make hair grow longer. Hair growth occurs as the result of keratin, a protein, building up in the hair follicle. Keratin is transformed into the structures of the hair at this level. As more keratin builds up, hair is pushed up and out, resulting in growth.


To braid black hair, it needs to be clean, well-moisturized, detangled and then braided section by section until complete. It is helpful to use some kind of hair oil when braiding, because it keeps the hair smooth, frizz-free and easier to work with.


Some braided hairstyles include the classic French braid, waterfall braid, fishtail braid and simple plaited hair. Braided hair designs for African-American hair include Marley twists, cornrow updos and jumbo braids.


To braid short hair, twist the lower sections of hair by the nape, then braid the front sections of the hair, working the braid from the side part on top of the head down towards the twists at the back. To do this, you need a comb, a sectioning clip, pins and finishing cream.


Use a rat-tail comb and a spray bottle filled with water to braid a boy’s hair. Ensure that the hair is healthy and moisturized before braiding it to create this cornrow hair style. Covering the head with a scarf or a satin cap before bed makes the braids last longer.


While it's difficult to know for certain where braiding originated, it has been found in all cultures of the world, including Asia, Africa, Egypt, Europe and the Americas. Braiding in Africa can be traced back to 3500 B.C., but there is evidence that the practice began much earlier.


Braiding can severely damage hair, resulting in breakage, thinning and baldness. According to the MedicineNet website, traction alopecia, a type of baldness, is commonly caused by tight hairstyles like braids and ponytails.