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Planting grass in rocky soil presents a number of challenges. Rocky soil dries out quickly, and so the grass must be drought-tolerant. Soil that is rocky also loses nutrients quickly, making a low ...


Growing grass in rocky soil can be difficult. Rocky soil does not retain as much moisture as more fertile types of soil, and grass roots are often unable to penetrate the rock to collect water and food. Preparing rocky soil for planting can take some time, but you will be rewarded with rich soil and healthy grass. ...


Growing grass may sound easy, but there are few critical things that must be in place for a healthy lawn to germinate and flourish. Many of us have tough soil to work with, especially when establishing a lawn near a new home where the top soil may be thin, rocky, filled with clay, or non-existent.


Rocky soil presents a few challenges when you're trying to establish a lawn, but those challenges aren't insurmountable. Several options enable you to prepare the soil to grow healthy grass in the ...


Is rocky soil turning your landscaping dreams of green to gravel? Rocks make for a great garden above ground, but when the soil below is made up of the same impenetrable stone, plant roots have a tough time getting the nutrients they need to survive.


The builder of our new house seeded on really rocky fill - he did not lay down any topsoil first. He did not lay seed until May and I re-seeded in June after all the rainfall we got. I have some grass growing, but coverage in not impressive at all. I am going to overseed around Labor Day. My question concerns the soil.


Usually rocky soil is found near or on top of high mountain ranges such as the Adirondacks or the Rockies. Mountains and foothills are supported by rock formations that run under the soil; since rocks weather over the years, there will often be a layer of soil above the rock in which grass can be planted.


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By the looks of it, grass will have a hard time growing there due to the erosion. I think you'll be better off in so many ways if you plant some perennial shrubs or some small fruit trees to help stop the soil from sliding down the hill. The grass there just doesn't have the root depth to secure the soil.


Sandy soil and drought are a tough combination, but one that is all too common in many parts of the country. Sandy soil increases the effects of drought because it drains water rapidly, making it more difficult to find a lawn grass that will survive dry conditions without regular irrigation.