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Although the majority of edible berries grow on bushes and shrubs, there are several edible berries that grow on trees, such as the mulberry, hackberry, chokecherry or chokeberry, and the tree strawberry. All of these berry trees can be found growing wild in various parts of North America.


Berries are classified as drupes, true berries, epignyous fruits, compound fruits and poisonous fruits, according to LoveToKnow. Drupes and epignyous fruits don't meet the classic definition of berries, but these fruits are referred to as such by mistake. True berries meet the technical definition o


The common sunflower, plume poppy, Himalayan knotweed, tobacco plant and Clark's geranium are fast-growing garden plants. The common sunflower, plume poppy and Himalayan knotweed are tall plants that grow several feet high, while the tobacco plant and Clark's geranium are widely-branching plants


Some easy-to-grow garden vegetables are salad leaves, spring onions, radishes, potatoes and peas, according to Thompson & Morgan. These vegetables grow in most climates and require only basic care.


Good vegetables to grow in a small garden include greens, tomatoes, beans, peppers and eggplants. Compact versions of these plants thrive in small spaces or containers.


Plants that can grow well in small gardens include tomatoes, lettuces, herbs and flowers such as dahlias and sweet peas. Certain types of heirloom potatoes are also ideal to grow because they take up less space than other common potatoes and are not readily available at the market.


Many trees produce berries, which are fruits produced from a single ovary that are fleshy. However, in common usage, people apply the term “berry” to any small fruit. Some of the most common berry-producing trees in North America include the mulberry, beautyberry, holly, juniper and blueberry.


Some types of berry trees include chokeberry, mulberry, western soapberry and hackberry. The fruit of tree berries can tolerate cold temperatures better than most berries, which grow on shrubs. Some berries that grow on trees can only be eaten by birds and other wildlife.


All common berries are fruits. True berries such as blueberries, grapes and currants are defined as fleshy fruits produced from one flower and one ovary. Other fruits commonly called berries, such as strawberries, blackberries, raspberries and boysenberries, are not true berries.


Berry sugar, also called bar or caster sugar, is a more finely granulated sugar than the white table sugar that is commonly used in home kitchens. It dissolves instantly, making it preferred for sweetening cocktails and for certain baking projects.