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Winter Grouse Hunting Tips If you’re hunting ruffed grouse in the winter, it likely won’t be a surprise that they aren’t where they were in late September. The woods is almost unrecognizable between the fall and the winter.


Ruffed Grouse are one of the most well adapted bird species for winter. There are few bird species known to take winter well. This is why so many birds migrate, from song birds and waterfowl to our beloved American Woodcock. Even the iconic wild turkey is not really equipped to handle all the elements of the north country. Deep snow can prove to be a real hazard to turkeys.


A grouse will plunge into the deep snow for the night. Snow is a great insulator and will keep the grouse warm on a cold winter night. Since many grouse forego breakfast in the winter and don’t leave roost until the sun begins to warm the world, it’s not uncommon to find grouse still occupying these holes. It’s not boring to search them ...


Tips for Hunting Ruffed Grouse in the Winter. A quiet walk through the snowy grouse woods can turn into a heart-stopping thrill just like that. By Tom Davis. December 4, 2019. More Hunting.


Snow Drift Grouse. By J. Oswald. Hunting Ruffed Grouse in late December is, at its finest, a bit like navigating a minefield. The difference between a real minefield and a late winter stand of popple in Wisconsin is that the bird hunter on tippy-toes is supposed to set one off.


Grouse like pines that have bows closer to the ground and are in clumps. In a dry environment, under the pines, they can blend into the shadows and escape quickly if needed. 4. Sunlight . l like to be out hunting with my setters when the sun is shining. Not only is it nice to soak in a bit of sunshine while winter grouse hunting, it just feels ...


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Grouse will pick away at a variety of edibles, but the catkins of hazel are their favorite early-winter food. [As with all things grouse, their preferred food depends on where you hunt.] > Ruffs definitely prefer the larger catkins of hazel plants that grow in areas exposed to the sun, so look for the best hazel thickets to be in open areas and ...