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What can be a brutally tough hike for you is easy for that bird you’re after. So we’ve got some winter grouse hunting tips for you to give you an advantage! Winter Grouse Hunting Tips. If you’re hunting ruffed grouse in the winter, it likely won’t be a surprise that they aren’t where they were in late September.


The great conservationist Aldo Leopold once said, "There are two times to hunt ruffed grouse: ordinary times, and the second week of October." The glory of autumn might inspire such poetic outbursts, but some terrific and overlooked grouse hunting awaits the hunter who braves the chill of winter, too.


In winter, however, with most of these food sources buried by snow, the ruffed grouse changes its diet, moving to buds, twigs and catkins. By far the most sought-after winter foods for grouse are the sugar and protein-rich flower buds of trembling aspen.


Ruffed Grouse are one of the most well adapted bird species for winter. There are few bird species known to take winter well. This is why so many birds migrate, from song birds and waterfowl to our beloved American Woodcock. Even the iconic wild turkey is not really equipped to handle all the elements of the north country. Deep snow can prove to be a real hazard to turkeys.


Winter can be a great time to hunt ruffed grouse. Okay, anytime is a good time to hunt grouse (maybe – maybe – no so much in the early season) but winter can be particularly good. If, as always, you find where the birds are.


The ever-elusive grouse, a ground bird that excels in hiding and impeccably blending into local surroundings, is a popular bird hunting activity. As winter fast approaches, grouse migrate, adapting to their surroundings. Areas that were teaming with grouse before Halloween may be abandoned after Thanksgiving, and visa


The ruffed grouse is found in many forested areas of North America, so it’s the grouse you’re most likely to see on winter wanderings. In fact, numerous stories exist of grouse “exploding” out of the snow when a skier or snowshoer approaches – surely a dramatic sight, and one I always hope to see on my own winter outings.


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