Some collective group names for animals are pride, herd, troop, litter and colony. Most animals live in groups and work in conjunction to help promote the overall welfare and survival of their species. They move, feed an... More »

Names for groups of animals include pods of whales, exaltations of larks, knots of toads, packs of dogs, parliaments of owls and sloths of bears. In addition, cattle, horses and deer are all grouped into herds. More »

A wide variety of animals participate in communal child rearing, from pack hunters that form family social groups, including orcas, lions, wolves and chimpanzees, to other groups of animals including elephants in both As... More »

A group of moose is known as a herd. Moose occupy northern parts of North America, Asia and Europe. The moose is the biggest species of deer. More » Science Biology Zoology

Most animals are made up of more than one cell, have cells that group into tissue, reproduce sexually, are capable of movement and ingest other organisms to obtain energy. There are exceptions to many of these characteri... More »

Arthropods are the group of animals that have jointed appendages. They are distinguished from other animals by their external skeletons and segmented bodies. Arthropods include beetles, spiders, crabs, scorpions and cent... More »

Vertebrates are a group of animals with backbones or vertebral columns that protect their nerve cords. As of 2015, there are about 57,000 species of vertebrates alive today, though this number only amounts to about 3 per... More »