A group of grasshoppers is called a cloud. Grasshoppers are insects that range in size from ½ inch to 2¾ inches. They have two pairs of wings and six legs, four in front and two in the back. Unlike katydids and crickets,... More »

A large group of locusts is called a plague of locusts. Alternatively, a large group of locusts can be referred to as a locust cloud or swarm of locusts. More »

A person who has an abnormal fear of grasshoppers is referred to as having acridophobia. Those with acridophobia may prefer to stay indoors during the summer months to avoid coming in contact with the insect. Entomophobi... More »

The most common predators of grasshoppers are flies. Flies place their eggs near grasshopper eggs so that when the fly eggs hatch they can feed on grasshopper eggs. In some cases, the fly larvae even feed directly on the... More »

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Tympanic membranes allow grasshoppers and their relatives to detect the mating calls of other grasshoppers. Grasshoppers use their tympanic membranes to perceive airborne sounds from their environment, similar to the hum... More »

Features of grasshoppers include large eyes and coloring that matches their environment. They are typically gray, brown or green. They have two pairs of wings and long back legs that allow them to jump. Female grasshoppe... More »

According to Pest Control Options, effective strategies for getting rid of grasshoppers include keeping insect-eating animals on the property and dusting plants with flour. Ducks, chickens, guinea pigs and turkeys eat gr... More »