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There are various products to make indoor grounding easy: An earthing mat can be used under your arms or feet while on a computer to reduce the amount of EMFs you are exposed to. It is also easy to bring when traveling. A half size earthing sheet can be used on any bed size.


2. It is possible to apply a conductive tape on your bed linen and get a strip across the bed so that your body has contact with this metal strip during sleep. However, such conductive tapes can be found only in special electrical stores. Here is a similar solution how to ground yourself using materials that can be found in many homes.


Dirty Electricity or EMI: When you plug your Earthing mat or bed sheet into the ground of an electrical socket, you are connecting to the ground of your home electrical wiring system. Even if this system is properly grounded, there is a high likelihood that it contains some of the different frequencies that are on your home wiring.


If the mat is too narrow and short in length, you may not be able to have adequate bare skin contact for proper grounding, and most likely won't be able to use it in your bed. Adequate cord length – The cord that you use to connect to the 3-prong outlet or ground rod must be long enough to provide location flexibility as well.


This grounding mattress panel is literally the most effective grounding tool on earth, and here's why: Hand made in the USA of the highest quality surgical grade stainless steel, organic hemp and organic cotton, this grounding mattress panel is the only way to know for absolute certain that you are grounded all night long while you sleep.


While flat grounding sheets are an effective option, I personally prefer a fitted grounding sheet.If the bed is made there's no chance someone will see the fitted sheet, so it doesn't need to match the other sheets in your set.


Introduction . Grounding (also known as "Earthing") is a way of conducting the energy of the Earth to your body. Humans evolved walking barefoot, so our physiology depends on this electrical grounding to function properly.


Caution, Grounding Pads and Sheets: Being Grounded Is Not Equal to Zero-Field Exposure have an alternating voltage applied or are en-ergized, respectively. In the case of the com-mon electricity supply, the alternating voltage of the outer conductor is 230 V [in Europe, and 120 V in North America] against ground


Find a place where your body voltage is low naturally, or turn off some circuit breakers to lower it. A body voltage meter uses a multimeter with a plug-in grounding cable for comparing your voltage to the ground voltage. However, see references below for warnings on the interpretation of this value.