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So how long will winter last when the Groundhog ATTACKS the mayor? Jimmy, the official groundhog in Sun Prairie, bit the mayor's ear during the 67th Groundhog Day celebration on Monday


BUCKSPORT (AP) — Police in Maine say a groundhog that attacked a dog has tested positive for rabies. WGME-TV reports the groundhog charged at a dog near its owner’s home in Bucksport last week.


And there it is a groundhog circling, defending itself, growling and chattering. I got nost of the dogs inside and started ushering his perturbed self out the yard. But NO, he wasn't going, he attacked, lunged and leapt at me.


Groundhogs are rodents, so they are not carnivores. They will not attack unless they are cornered and afraid. If you threaten one, a groundhog would bite and scratch to protect itself.


If your dog sticks his nose down the groundhog's hole, then yes, the groundhog will indeed chomp down on your dog's nose. Then it is off to see the Vet.


Groundhogs, like most pets and people, are active during the day and retreat to their burrows for a good night’s sleep. But the groundhog takes his sleep more seriously than we do: The bristly herbivores are true hibernators, meaning they bulk up in the fall and sleep from roughly October to March.


Are groundhogs ever aggressive toward humans? I live in a suburban location, and we enjoy a great deal of wildlife in our back yard. Turkey, deer, fox, and groundhogs are daily visitors. Unfortunately, the family of groundhogs have made their home underneath a large storage shed I use. Their entry tunnel is right at the doors of the shed.


It isn’t advised to purposefully put dogs or cats near a groundhog in the hopes that they’ll attack. Depending on your pet’s size and attitude, the groundhog could actually cause more harm towards your dog or cat. Spread your pet’s fur or urine around your lawn in specific areas where you want to keep groundhogs out.