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To find a vehicle's gross weight, add the body weights of the passengers and the driver and the weight of the cargo, any additional accessories, and the fuel in the vehicle's tank. To this figure, add the curb weight of the vehicle.


The gross weight rating of a vehicle is listed on the manufacturer's sticker, which is located on the post of the driver-side door. This figure is the manufacturer's maximum designated weight limit, and it prevents the vehicle from being overloaded.


The gross vehicle weight rating refers to the maximum amount of weight an automobile can handle, including passengers, accessories and any cargo, and still function properly. However, the GVW does not pertain to trailers as it reflects the weight of a vehicle, not how m...


CarsDirect and GMC provide information regarding gross vehicle weight. It is often referred to as GVWR in a vehicle's owner’s manual to provide towing or capacity capabilities.


You can perform a vehicle title lookup by entering the vehicle identification number, or VIN, into a secretary of state's online database, if available. Individuals can also request title information at a local department of motor vehicles office by providing the VIN.


As of August 2015, to find a chart of gross vehicle weights, go online to HowStuffWorks and access the How Gross Vehicle Weight Rating, or GVWR, Works article. Click to the second page, which lists many types of vehicles.


To determine your gross vehicle weight rating, check the label that is usually situated near the driver's door latch on the frame of the vehicle's door. You can also determine this value by searching the information on the vehicle manufacturer's website.