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The most common cause of gray tooth discoloration is trauma to the tooth enamel. This often occurs when people fall or are hit in the mouth and the nerve in the tooth is damaged. When a tooth turns gray after a trauma or dental treatment like a root canal treatment , it usually doesn’t mean much other than the tooth being a different color.


Causes of Gray Teeth. Although stained teeth may be common, many people are understandably confused when they see their teeth turning gray. If you’re noticing this issue, it could be due to several different causes: Thinning tooth enamel: As we age, the enamel, or outer layer, of teeth naturally becomes thinner.


Tetracycline and Gray Teeth Other Causes of Gray Teeth How to Treat Gray Teeth. Tetracycline and Gray Teeth Chances are, anyone you’ve met with gray teeth was most likely born before the 1980s and may have been given a powerful antibiotic called tetracycline at an early age.


Another possible reason a tooth is turning gray is early exposure to the antibiotic tetracycline. If your mother took this medication while pregnant, or if you took it before you turned six, it may cause your tooth to become gray. This effect can be delayed; the tooth may not turn gray until years later. In rare cases, bleeding inside the tooth ...


Trauma to your front teeth that has caused them to turn grey is the hardest color to whiten. Usually when teeth appear grey, they are usually darker (grey) even deeper through the tooth. Meaning that whitening can even make the grey stand out more because it causes the enamel to become more translucent.


Types of tooth discoloration - Organized by color, appearance and underlying cause. Explanations for staining caused by - Foods & Beverages / Age / Medicines (tetracycline, fluoride) / White-spot lesions / Trauma / Root canal treatment / Dental restorations


Normal primary teeth are white and generally brighter than permanent teeth. Causes for tooth discolouration. A trauma to a tooth, following either a fall or a blow, can make the tooth pink or even grey. Other than the colour change, this condition is not usually harmful for the tooth.


Black, for instance. If you ever allow a tooth to become black, you seriously ignored your dental hygiene. But what if the change is a little more subtle? What if your tooth is turning grey or a similar color – it’s noticeable, but not that alarming. So what does it all mean? Here are four possible reasons your tooth is getting a little gray:


If you’ve got greyish teeth and not sure how to whiten them the right way, Then, this is the right article for you! Indeed, Grey teeth are not a common teeth discoloration compared to yellow, brown or even beige teeth.


My Teeth Are Greying, What Do I Do? A gray tooth could be a sign of lack of blood flow. Dental attention should be sought immediately. As we age, our teeth are going to inevitably change color. Sometimes, however, you might notice a dullness or grey-discoloration to a specific tooth. This could be more serious than a simple cosmetic concern.