The prices of different Greyhound schedules can be compared at the official website, which can be set to display all of the departures and prices for a given day on one page. Competing bus companies, such as Megabus, als... More » Geography

To view Greyhound bus schedules, enter your proposed journey details in the boxes under Tickets on the home page. Select Search Schedules to view the departure and arrival times of buses traveling your rout... More » Geography

To find Greyhound bus line schedules, visit, enter the requested information about your planned journey in the Tickets box and select Search Schedules. Journey information includes the departure and destina... More »

Greyhound offers tickets for sale at any of its bus terminals, through its website, by phone, or through independent agents. Tickets are also available at most 7-11 locations. More » Geography

Greyhound tickets can be purchased online via Greyhound's website. It is also possible for cash customers to reserve their seat on a bus at the online rate and pay cash at the ticket window. More » Geography

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