Visit to find maps of Greyhound bus routes. Scroll down to All Locations, written in small print at the foot of the homepage, and select your departure state on the list that appears, followed by ... More » Geography

Greyhound bus schedules are found by using the Greyhound official website to select a starting point, destination, number of passengers and time of departure. The results show available bus times, price of tickets and bu... More » Geography

To find Greyhound bus schedules, visit, enter information about the route in the search box under Tickets and select Search Schedules. Information must include the date of the trip and its departure and des... More » Geography

To find Pace Bus schedules, visit and use the Pace Route Finder Tool to search for a bus route by checking the list of options, including route, community or landmark. Alternatively, enter a keyword in the ge... More » Geography

To plan a route using public transportation, use a trip planner provided online by many local governments or use a route optimization app on your mobile device. Find the website provided by your city or county government... More » Geography

Visit Greyhound's website or download the Greyhound app to access route and fare schedules between New York City and Montreal. You can search by route, fare schedule and the type of ticket required (one way or round-trip... More » Geography

Local metro bus route times are usually available on the websites of individual bus lines. Cities and towns such as Kansas City, St. Louis, Washington, D.C., Madison and Houston have local metro bus websites that publish... More » Geography