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Wear a fresh white shirt over your grey pants and adorn a blazer over it. The colour of the blazer can be either black or grey, to correlate with the rest of the attire. ... Button up your leopard printed shirt or overcoat and combine with your grey pants. A remarkable combination. The Leather Jacket Look.


Like grey, brown is a neutral color and looks great on a many different men. Naturally, you don't want to appear like a schoolboy who's matched his shoes to his shirt, but wearing a brown dress shirt with grey pants makes a strong visual statement. A solid brown shirt with grey pants suggests that you mean business.


For example, charcoal grey pants and pale blue or white shirt can look great with a paisley or checked patterned tie. But you can even play around with clashing patterns by mixing and matching with a checked tie, striped trousers, and white shirt combination, if you’re feeling really bold! Belts


Gray Suit Combinations: Best Shirts and Ties Combination. Lifestyle July 30, 2018. Gray Suit. A suit is the first choice to look formal in a fancy way for men. It’s just easy to put on since they are the usual wear for a busy guy. Some guys want to play off with the suit, choosing a lighter color to outstand from the crowd. Like the gray ...


A Combination of light blue shirt and dark blue pant or vice versa will always make you look professional as well as stylish. Beige a timeless classic is as easy as trying out these combination of beige is an old but reliable formal wear. It can be worn in combination with a lot of colours. Checks and Patterns. Image Source


6 no brainer colour for trousers that every men should have: every green colour of pant that match with most of shirts Though style changes with time but the essence of fashion always remains to be the same and i.e. to “look and feel good”. And when it comes to men then matching up to … Continue reading 6 Essential Coloured Pants Every Man Should Own


If you are the kind of guy who loves to wear neutral colors like grey, white, off white, etc. then this outfit idea is perfect for you. For pants, you can wear dark blue formal suit pants. Black would also be recommended. As for a waistcoat, coat or long coat, you can wear them in a light grey color. For the inner formal shirt, go for off white ...


Colour and Pattern. Shape duly considered, you’re free to move onto the tricky matter of teaming the aesthetic of shirt and tie. Now, there are plenty of guides that lay down supposed rules of colour matching, but these are tenuous at best.The fact is that a shirt and tie which quite deliberately clashes in pattern or colour can look great, providing it’s worn with confidence (and a ...


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Black Suit, White Shirt & Grey Tie. Shirts in sky blue are very much corporate cool these days. And, in more recent years, light pink too. ... Monochrome shirt and tie combinations work – light ...