Austrian monk Gregor Mendel discovered the principles of heredity that became the foundation of modern genetics. His experiments in his monastery's garden demonstrated the exchange of characteristics between pea plants. More » Science Biology Molecular Biology & DNA

Gregor Mendel is the father of genetics because he discovered dominant and recessive traits and also that traits are randomly and statistically given from parents to a child. His discoveries established the fundamentals ... More »

Gregor Mendel's three principles of inheritance apply to phenotypical traits displayed in both plants and animals. Some of these traits include eye color, hair color, ability to roll one's tongue and flower color. Mendel... More »

Gregor Mendel became famous for his discovery of the basic principles of heredity. He performed his experiments on pea plants. More »

Gregor Mendel is known for his discoveries in the study of heredity. He has been nicknamed "the father of modern genetics." More »

Gregor Mendel, an Austrian monk, is credited with discovering the basics of heredity. He is known as the father of modern genetics due to his experiments and discoveries. Mendel began to experiment in his monastery's gar... More »

Gregor Mendel, a monk and teacher from Central Europe, chose common garden peas, or Pisum sativum, for his experiments in genetics because peas are easily grown in numbers large enough to be useful for his experiments an... More » Science Biology Molecular Biology & DNA