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As the temperature becomes hot enough for different chemicals present in the fuel to react with oxygen, characteristic colors appear based on the amount of energy released during the oxidizing reactions. For example, barium produces a green-colored flame, seen in fireworks.


Temperature of atmosphere links to adiabatic flame temperature (i.e., heat will transfer to a cooler atmosphere more quickly) How stoichiometric the combustion process is (a 1:1 stoichiometricity) assuming no dissociation will have the highest flame temperature; excess air/oxygen will lower it as will lack of air/oxygen


I have a torch lighter, when I fire it up the flame is blue, after a while it heats up a little element inside which turns bright red, at that point the flame turns green (somehow the element alters the color). I was wondering how hot this green flame is in comparison to a blue flame lighter or even a regular yellow flame.


It is a question with too many variables for an accurate answer. Depending on the fuel source and the atmosphere that the flame is burning in, there could be literally millions of colors of various shades. One that concerns me however is the color...


In qualitative analysis, flame tests are used in confirming what kind of metal is present in a solution. The green flame or bluish-green flame color is usually present whenever copper metal is ...


The heat of a flame depends on what is being burnt as the energy comes from oxidation of the substance. The colour of the flame also depends on what is being burnt because of the way energy is released and interactions at the molecular and atomic ...


The green colour of the flame is due to the copper within the compound, and you will find a similar effect if you heat a piece of the pure metal in a gas burner flame. ... The same as green hulk ...


Green is possibly the coolest color to turn flames. It's not a color you get from the fuel, so you have to add a chemical to get the effect. The color comes from the ion emission spectra, so you can use any of the chemicals that produce green in the analytical method known as the flame test.The most readily available compounds are:


The dominant color in a flame changes with temperature. The photo of the fireplace fire is a good example of this variation. Near the logs, where most burning is occurring, the fire is white, the hottest color possible for organic material in general, or yellow. Above the yellow region, the color changes to orange, which […]


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